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We are doing the student blog challenge,

However we are so busy in class that our students have not had time to look at all the other fantastic blog entries by the other amazing bloggers around the world. Students in 2Y could you look at some of these links to the challenge? Ms W. has put some links to interesting blogs. She has even mentioned our blog, because we took part in the Blog Action Day, and wrote our wall wisher notes about “Water is important to me..”

We also have WATER stories HERE on our Facebook GROUP

On October 15, thousands of bloggers across more than 100 countries will participate in Blog Action Day to debate, brainstorm and raise awareness around clean water. Bloggers will take a single day and use it to write about the event’s chosen cause

Bog Action Day   The link to this is at about Water

Blog about Cambodia-Penh Diaries. Dustin is a Melbourne man who volunteers in Cambodia. He writes this blog (click on the next links) about his work with the people of Cambodia. Did you have some NGO programs at your refugee camp or in your village which helped people to get clean water more efficiently? Write a comment below. Click on Comment.

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