Cafe Culture

In the Ucan2 program we learn about making casual conversation. This could be at work, or meeting someone in the street, at the shops, or just talking with neighbours. We need to talk to people to increase our local network of people we can speak English with.
Many of the 2Y group have lots of family and friends overseas, not in Australia. Many have friends in Australia who were born overseas. Not many of 2Y students have friends who were born in Australia. Our volunteers are great to have in our program because this gives all our students an opportunity to talk in English to other young people.
We had a great time at the coffee shop on Thursday. We had some conversation cards to give students a way to start conversation. Here are some photographs I took.

9 thoughts on “Cafe Culture

  1. Dear Eh Blut,
    It would be very nice if we could all go to a restaurant, perhaps a Thai, Burmese or Malaysian one?
    Maybe if our class blog could make some money we could do that!
    Thanks for commenting Eh Blut, it’s a great idea,

  2. hello everyone i excited about the cafe i will like to go again the cafe but we don`t have time. thanks a lot everyone.

    From………………….. Robert

  3. I think that is an interesting one. But i missed it because i went to my friend birthday. I sure that i’ll go there with you the next time. Henry

  4. I think that is an interesting one in the coffee shop. Because we talked together with volunteer and teacher Jane, We talked about what would you like to do in the future.

  5. This is Ucan2 went to the restaurant with the volunteers they went to buy some drinks and they drink and ate together. Because they went to excursion. thank by lak’…….

  6. Hi I like this cafe i like to go again with our 2y class we are excited abouth the cafe and we leaned lot of english

  7. We are very happy in the cafe. Because I think 2Y class want to go again with volunteers in another place.

    From Cerku

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