6 thoughts on “Lino Pin board – Kings

  1. In this post, we wrote about Kings and Queens. Then where do they live? For me, i wrote about Thai king because i came from Thailand. His name is Bhumibol Adulyadej. He lives in Thailand.

  2. The Queen’s Birthday is observed on the second Monday of June in most of Australia. Many Australians have a day off work on the Queen’s Birthday.

  3. This comment post is i wrote about Kings and Queens. i think many country have a king and Queen so i like K…,Q… But the Burmes peoples don’t have King and Queen so they Country got a any fighting on the time in your Country.
    by ….LK’

  4. Hi Everyone

    Queen`s Birthday

    Australia have a day off in the Queen`s Birthday i enjoyed to because i have aday off too in the Queen`s Birthday.

    Queen`s Birthday is observed on the second of june.

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