Famous People in Sport

This website will help you to find some famous people in sport.

Famous Why.com

Here is a quiz on some famous people in sport. If you don’t know the answer, then ask someone else who might know!


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  2. Hi, my name is Bell Hei. I’m from Burma and I am karen. I was born in 1974 ,17th of July in Burma ,but I grew up in Thailand refugee camp. I have 2 girls and only one son. They all go to Ringwood Height primary school.I live in Ringwood. I arrived in Australia in 2009,the5th of may Me and my husband we have no job ,now we are studing at Swimburn . We can’t speak English very well but we try to speak. I come to school by car.Now I try to learn to drive a car. I am very happy to come to school. In the school I meet alot of frinds who comes from many country. They are all good friends.I like to live in Australia, because it is a develope country and it is good for our family for our future.

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