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Click on the session (recording here) to see and listen to our conference on-line. We did this last Friday in the library. We had Jo and a few other people around the world listening and asking us questions on Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate).

It’s a bit like  using skype, but with text chat, video, list of people, and a whiteboard. We put this Youth Class Blog on the white board. We also looked at one of our movies of the interview with Lan. Most of us talked on Jane’s computer laptop.

Our session

I really want to thank Jo Hart for offering my students and I a little window space in her on-going series of “Fine Focus” of which she is moderator extraorinaire.

The Blackboard Collaborate session (recording) was done sitting all the students around my MacBook Pro using the in-built mic. Leanne, the librarian operated the overhead and loud speakers, turning this down as we grabbed the microphone and talked. We passed the laptop between us on the table and had a chat to the world. There were people in Melbourne , WA and somewhere in Europe listening in and asking our students some questions.

We had a great time and really enjoyed learning the concept of the webinar. Only one of the students had done this before, and that was in the youth class. This semester we are all of mixed ages and nationalities in the 2A class.


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2 thoughts on “Interviews and Elluminate

  1. Hello Class 2A

    I was one of those people ‘somewhere in Europe’, more specifically Belgium. Although it was very late here (1 am) I really enjoyed listening to you all. I have only recently discovered webinars myself. I learnt a lot from you that evening. So a big thank you to Jo and your teacher and of course to all of you for inviting us to your classroom. Keep up the good work!
    PS I love your class blog!


    • Thanks Mieke, I appreciate your kind words. I think we are all learners when we do this kind of thing. As a moderator, class teacher, operator of 3 computers, a whiteboard operator, text chat writer, voice prompt enthusiast, listener, speaker and organizer, I had a pretty busy time. Good luck with your blogging and webinaring, and thank you again,

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