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Thank you so much for reading our posts this year. It has been our first year of blogging and I have learnt so much from the edublogs team and the directory and I thank them all for that. Miss W has done a fantastic amount of work getting all the edubloggers writing and reading, creating wild avatars, vokis, uploading and embedding and doing so many fantastic things on-line. It is also a wonderful collaboration of networked people. Even though we have never met before, we can still find similar interests and comments to make on each others’ blogs. I wish you all good luck in the nominations for best work. We all deserve chocolate medals. (I think the techies only trade in chocolate coloured widgets don’t you?)

My students here had blogs in the first semester, some in the second. We found this very challenging and it was difficult to get the amount of work done. That’s why I would like to congratulate all the students who took part in the student blogging challenge. My students arrive to our country at any time of the year, so they are not always there for the start of the challenge, and this was one of my biggest problems in getting started. Many have not had any computer experience so it was like jumping into a very difficult exercise from the start.(the teacher thought so!)

At the start of this month I was lucky to moderate an Elluminate session with Jo Hart. We talked about face to Facebook. I was teaching Facebook in the second semester and the students really got to learn that quickly. We used a ‘group’ for our communication & our ‘learning’ entertainment (like photos & movies). You can see this at  “Croydon Youth Class.” I enjoyed this session very much and I had students listening and also talking to participants from around the world too. Thanks to Htoo Ler, Hsa Hay & Henry.And thanks also to Jo (& Phil) who were directing and helping moderate from Perth, WA.

No distance is too far, it seems, in the Elluminate & blogging world.

I still used this class blog for teaching about themes and putting some cool Web2 tools on there (like voicethread, voki, Dvolver, animoto) which we learned about in the student challenge. But the main focus is to teach English Language. And there are a lot of resources on line that we can look at, and put links in here.

At the ConVerge10 conference in Nov this year I presented on “Webnetting for Refugee Youth“. This was a handout I used for this presentation.


Jane Curry, Swinburne Institute E4

Presentation of the ESL English class blog. The Ucan2 program helped Jane to follow employment themes in the 6-month long youth program at Swinburne TAFE. Edublogs ran the student blogging challenge which ran globally amongst schools in which our youth participated. With an inspiring an enthusiastic support team from edublogs and e-learning associations on twitter I have taught students to change themes, avatars, widgets, upload images, videos, audio files and links.

The lessons also include practice in web2 tools such as animoto,icons, Dvolver,Voicethread, photostory3,Voki,Xtranormal, quizmakers, surveys, cartoon makers to excite literacy and achieve a greater understanding of the blogging journey. This semester is about blogging and Facebook for networking with teachers and volunteers and friends.

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I am a teacher/lecturer in Australian indigenous education in a small aboriginal community in SA. The main language is Yankunytjatjara. English is spoken as a second (or more) language. After teaching EAL in the migrant/refugee TAFE sector for many, many years, I felt it was time to return to the desert, where I had started in Primary teaching in NT in the mid 8o's. I developed my 'edublogging' skills with a blog called 'youth class blog'. I used this partly for quick access to links for students in the computer classes, and as a repository for our web2 tools/ catoons, videos, voice recordings, photos and links. I am passionate about giving people knowledge and skills to develop lifelong oppotunities.

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