Four questions & challenge 5

This week in the student blogging challenge we are asked to look out how we use photos and their copyrights for use. There are many times when we want to use an image from the internet and publish it onto the web, in a blog for instance, but we are not sure if we are allowed to use it. We need to know the license approval rating, see here at creative commons, we might need to attribute the work in the way the author intends the picture to be used.

Using Wylio for image bank, embed code comes included-challenge 5, activity 2.Melbourne at Night
photo © 2007 Geof Wilson | more info (via: Wylio)

Also try out images from Compfight

Also look at Flickrcc

Morguefile – have a look at the permission statement.

  • You are free:
  • Remix — to adapt the work.
  • Commercial — to use this work for commercial purposes.
  • Without Attribution — to use without attributing the original author.

    1. Are you busy nowadays?
    2. What are you doing tonight?
    3. Where are you having lunch tomorrow?
    4. What plans do you have over the next seven days?

    David says:

    • I’m going to TAFE, And i’m living in RingWood with my family, A play scoccer with my friends and my brother,On saturday.
    • I want to play acoccer tonigth with my friends,And i’m going to eat dinner and then i’ll doing home work and then go to sleep.
    • Tomorrow i’m having lunch in the canteen.
    • I think i’ll play acoccer on saturday in the tournament. And after that on sunday i am going to stay at home and clean up.

    Henry says:

    • -Yes,i’m fine. I’m going to TAFE and i’m living in Ringwoood with my family and friends. I’m coming to school by train and bus. Sometimes i go to church and i also play soccer. And i go fishing as well.
    • -tonighy, i’m going fishing at Lilydale lake with my friends. After that i’m coming back home and take a shower then i’m going to cook the fish and some vegetables. And then, i’m going to sleep and have a sweet dream.
    • -I’ll have lunch beside the carpark tomorrow near Lah K’paw’s car. I often have lunch there when i bring food. I have lunch with my friends. It will be fun.
    • -The next seven days, I’m going to Skyhigh and have fun with my friends. I always play soccer and music on holidays. Sometimes i visit my friends and we sharing joking. That will be fun………
    Htoo Ler says:
    1. Yes, I am going to TAFE, I’m living in Croydon. I play soccer on saturday with my friend. It is really great, I am enjoying Melbourne a lot.
    2. I’m reading a book and relaxing at home
    3. Tomorrow I’m having lunch near lah k’ paw car, i have Asia food.
    4. I’m going to school all day because I am an LLNP student and these students must attend in the holiday Englsih program.croydon Vic

    Attribution:  Image: ‘View to Melbourne
    Hsa Hay says:
    • yes i  am going to TAFE and i’m livingin Croydon with my family. and I’m play soccer on saturday with my team qand i’m enjoy it very much
    • i’mplay game and i am wath tv with my faily i watch Thai movies and after The movie iam play music Piano
    • tomorrow i’m having lunch in the my friend car and i’m have Thai food and somenoodne and fried rice
    • next sunday i’m going to The chuch at 9:35 am and we celebrote ant afte go back home.

    Eh Blu Taw says:

    1. yes i go to school at swinburne TAFE. I live in Ringwood near the Easterland and i live with my frind.I like weather in Melbourne a lot. I try to get better education to speek English very well and then i will find a job in melbourne.
    2. I will read a book and do my homework when i finish i will watch the news on T.V. When i finish i will go to bed at 9:30 and then think about i’m doing something today and i’ll sleep well in my bed room.
    3. I have to go to school tomorrow so i will have lunch at school but not in class beside the car park.I will take luncu with my friends and then we will talk about something what did in class with teacher.
    4. My plans over the next seven days is i wanna visit my mum,dad,brothers and sisters in Brisbane becacse they live far away from me. I miss my family and i feel sad so my plans are i will visit them on next seven days.I’m going by plane.

    LAK says:

  1. Yes, I am goine to TAFE at croydon. Now I live in Ringwood  with ny family. My family are voing to TAFE at Croydon too.
  2. Tonight I’m going to the Cimema with my family. My sisters called me to go to the Cimema with them because there’s a good movie on tonight.
  3. tomorrow I’m having lunch in the Canteen. Thereis a small shopthere and you can buy cheap food there.
  4. Next seven days I have a plans. I will go to English class. The next week I’m haven’t finished the class because I am an LLNPstudnt . I’m not an AMEP student so I will come to school on the free dayi will stay at home. In the second week I have a holiday .
  5. nanghlei dawtmi (Robert)says:

    1. Yes i`m going to TAFF Know i live in Ringwood East i `m really busy because i`m going to the city with my friend and after i`m going to the beach . i`m enyoying about Melbourne but the weather is a think a little crazy.
    2. Tonight i`m going to use the computer and watch TV and then i`m going to do i help my mum and my dad with their homework.
    3. Yes tomorrow i`m having lunch in the canteen with my friend.
    4. I`m not sure but over the next seven day I`m going to church and i will be going to the city. The next seven day I`m going to being Dandenong Mowntain skyhigh with my friend. this is my little next seven day plans.

    cinzah valte Says:

    1. Hello I am Val. I live in Rinwood East.I went  to Croydon TAFE and I learning English speaking,writing,computer and grammar.
    2. I am going to my friends house because we like to play music.I want borrow  a story book and this night i watch English movies but         i don`t understant the words.I need to write notes in my diary and i look at my dictionary.
    3. We have lunch tomorrow  i want eat patatoes cheef in the Canteen.
    4. I want to learning driving a car and i`ll need visiting my friends.

    Htoo Neh says:Weaving

    I ‘m going to school. I’ m living Ring Wood East. I learn english with my friends. I ‘m karen and I like cook asian food. ON saturday I play Internent with my husband. After that I’m cooking. I go shopping. I will still apply for my parent and brothers to come to Australia. To night I pratice learning to drive a car.  This takes three hours. Tomorrow I having lunch at canteen. The next seven day I play the first day I going to school. After that I learning to drive a car. The second day I going to school. In the evening I go to the appointment at Foundation house. The third day I go to the school. In the afternoon I’m going to the shops I will buy food and meat. Fouth day I will make karen woman clother. The fifth day I go to the church and I sing a song. The sixth day I go to the city with my friend. I looking around. The sever day I have am appointment at the city Refugee Immagration Legal © 2004 Ernie & Katy Newton Lawley | more info (via: Wylio)

    Sui Tin says:

    1. Yes, i am going to TAFE I’m living in mooroolbark. I play volleyball on Sunday with my team. It’s really great,I’m enjoying Melbourne.
    2. Tonight I’m going to use computer and watch TV.
    3. Tomorrow I’m having lunch swinburne shop and Asia food Noodle.
    4. Next saven days I’m going to the church.and I will be going to in the city. with my freands. this is my little next saven day plans.

    hello I am Thio,

    1. Nowadays I live in Ringwood and I go to Swinbur TAFE.I stady English fine day aweek.I play soccer on every saturday with HaKha Chin team.I play guiitr and I sing in the church Choir in Mooroolbark.
    2. Tonight I “m going to do play game and I watch T.V.
    3. Yes toworrow I haing lunch at cartecn with firend.
    4. Yes I have next senenday I going to church and playing soccer.

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      3 thoughts on “Four questions & challenge 5

      1. This challenge is a very big one with 9 activities. I have chosen to put the embed code and the attribution to the author in the one hit, by using Wylio. Students wrote some stories related to grammar activities in the class today, so I have added some pics to go with that exercise. I hope to do some more on the, but holidays are nearly upon us. In which case, you might be learning about Bali for the next two weeks, and what it is like to learn a language in a country different to my own.

      2. Wow, Jane,
        Your students are certainly busy people. They are doing very well with their English. They have answered your four questions in great detail.

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