My about our class blog page is updated.

For the edublogs challenge 1, I have updated our profile on the right hand side, click on:

YCB 16

About our class

“About our class blog” – ‘2y Class Blog Information’.

The next challenge is called , Heads and Feet challenge 2. March 2011. This relates to Heads (avatars), feet (digital footprint). This week’s activities relate to avatars and online identities including creating a positive digital footprint.

  1. What’s an avatar?
  2. What’s a digital footprint?

Call for comments from students please!! (Click on the link above to find an answer) or perhaps you can ask a teacher or a friend.Click on comments, below to write your answer!

Have you tried building an avatar with Build your wild self? Try some other one in the challenge’s link above. Goodluck!

students register today

  • Well done! 16 out of 16 people registered for the edublogs blogging challenge. Wooo! That is a great effort everyone, well done for listening to all the instructions and creating your ‘about’ page.Mang
  • One more thing to do.
  • So that we can SEE your ‘about’ page you will all need to make sure you go to Appearance, then Widgets, then move over your PAGE tab.

Ta’K is right behind the ball! Go Ta’K!!